About Us

Pregnancy Help Australia is a national body that provides support, education and resources to life affirming pregnancy support centres throughout Australia.

The services we provide to Pregnancy Support Centres allow them to better assist women and families who may be experiencing difficulties as a result of a pregnancy or suffering a pregnancy loss.


Our Vision

Pregnancy Help Australia

  • Supports agencies to be dynamic, compassionate organisations committed to the provision of professional services for all pregnancy related issues.
  • Supports agencies that provide information and support for women, their partners and their families when they are experiencing distress or hardship as the result of pregnancy or any pregnancy loss.


Our Mission

  • Pregnancy Help Australia is dedicated to ensuring that quality pregnancy support services are available to everyone.
  • Pregnancy Help Australia provides support to individual agencies that offer positive choices for women, their partners and their families.


Our Objectives

The objectives of Pregnancy Help Australia are as follows:

  • to support, resource and assist in establishing services which, through their activities, provide services and referrals to women and families to support their activities, their choices in continuing their pregnancies, and/or offer post abortion support;
  • to provide networking opportunities, information, advice and service to Ordinary Members and Associate Members including assistance with training persons who deliver services on behalf of an Ordinary Member;
  • to maintain and nurture a Life Affirming Ethos [which means an ethos which values all human life from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death and must do nothing that is reasonably foreseeable would result in an abortion];
  • to be non-denominational and non party political.


Our Board

Pregnancy Help Australia currently has 7 Board members:



Lara Wynyard President WA
Caitlin Byrne Vice President TASMANIA


Beth Burns Director NSW
Bronwyn Melville Director NSW
Cathy Marzahn Director SA
Cristy Mock Director QUEENSLAND
Lyn Schoof Director WA


Lynn Mabey Company Secretary
Rebecca Smailes Finance Officer